Audience watching a screening at Arverne Cinema in Rockaway Beach, NY


Uniting movie lovers across NYC's largest cinema desert, Rockaway Film Festival is a nomadic moving-image celebration that strives for inclusion and enrichment through meaningful events. Like the peninsula itself, the festival represents a broad spectrum of images and stories, and aims to captivate and connect all members of our vibrant community.

The festival is a 501c3 non-profit founded in 2018 by Sam Fleischner, Courtney Muller, and Greg Stewart.



Sam Fleischner

Artistic Director, Co-founder

Courtney Muller

Executive Director, Co-founder

Jorge Morillo

Technical Director

Gio Fernandez-Kincade + Magera Holton


Board of directors

Greg Stewart


Prerana Reddy

Leah Giblin

Andrew Vanwyngarden

Dan Nuxoll


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Our Sponsors

Rockaway Brewing Co.
Istic Illic Pictures
NYC Ferry
The Rockaway Times
The Rockaway Hotel
Super Burrito
Queens Council On The Arts
Flushing Town Hall
Far Rockaway Arverne Nonprofit Coalition
Citizens Committee for New York City
 Local Office Landscape and Urban Design
 Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy